17 March 2012


There is the last post from the Maledives. Mix photos made by Nikon or my iPhone. In the top you can see beach party.  

Beautiful sunset above the sea.


Coconut is symbol of holiday. I was drinking coconuts while I was reading book or just sitting at the pool.  

Chilli Chocolate Old Fashioned - My father suprised me when he ordered this drink.

My sweet cousin. In the first photo with me in the pool.

I love my grandmothers t-shirt from Orsay because of the back side. She has got really stylish.

My sister in the most amazing photo from maledives.

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  1. Woow ty jsi byla na Maladivách? :) To ti závidim nejvíc to je můj sen se tam jednou podívat.. :)


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