26 October 2016

Rock 'n' Roll Halfmaraton

Another halfmarathon finished. I was training a lot, over 65km per week. Well, the major part of training is regeneration, thing I neglected. I was supposed to finish the half within 1:41. During the race I felt excellent, no muscle pain, pretty good heartbeat although the first 10K were completed in 44:44 min, 15K in 1:08 h. Feeling strong enough I went for my PB that could be 1:35-1:38 that time. Suddendly, I got a huge pain in my hip (13th km far). First time in my life I had to stop during the race to limb it up. Five minutes later I decided to continue. Every damn mile hurt even though my form was great and I felt like running faster. Finishing time 1:46. Nevertheless I want to say it was the most amazing race I have experienced.

Before my journey to Kanada I hadn't even considered about racing here. But you know once you experience the feeling of finished hard race, the feeling of happiness, it becomes obsession. 
Just imagine a situation you have had low energy /headache /bad mood or whatever all your life. Then imagine that one day, all of a sudden, you wake up and you don't feel any pain or strange mood anymore. You are happy. You feel like dancing and laughing. That's what being fit is like. Although it's raining outside, after every challenging training the sun is shining for me. After satisfying and relaxing shower, you enjoy every single piece of delicious post-workout meal. You talk to someone, and you have extra enthusiasm. That's feeling good. Feeling good is an intangible that, paradoxically, is tangible. It's hard to describe in extra words, but you know it when you feel it. You can't bottle it. You can't save it. You can't store it. It's like a smile - it's just there.
This magic word - happiness is described during well deserved work. Keep on training and it will appear, I swear. That's why I rather spent whole yesterday's afternoon by looking for some good physioterapeutist than regret myself because of the pain. I have lot of plans this season, other races are coming. 
Nike Zoom Pegasus 33
If I could only have one running shoe the Nike Pegasus 33 would be it! Light weighted, stylish, fast, comfortable. This shoe is one that seeks a versatile shoe that works for both training and competing from 10K to halfmarathons, perfect for fast finish. Better for those who runs tiptoed. 

last year, my first half (1:41)


  1. si veľmi šikovná a gratulujem k zvládnutiu takejto makačky ;)

    Sabi z blogu Beautiful savage

  2. Nechápu, že po doběhnutí vypadáš stále skvěle :D. Gratuluju k úspěchu :).

  3. To je krásný!:) a komentář výše má pravdu...vypadáš krásně i po odběhnutí :)


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